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Ridge Audubon Society (RAS) is a chapter of the National Audubon Society and Audubon Florida. With funding provided by Roger Babson and a land grant from Webber University, the Ridge Audubon Center opened its doors to the public in 1964 with this mission:  To open the eyes of the young and old to the beauty and wonder of our outdoor world and to increase awareness of the need for conservation.  Ridge Audubon Society strives to promote an understanding of and an interest in wildlife and the environment that supports it, and to further the cause of conservation of natural resources, with emphasis on the Lake Wales Ridge.

RAS is honored to be the steward of the Babson Park Nature Center, a sanctuary for native endangered wildlife and plants, and a meeting facility.  Ridge Audubon is a nonprofit Florida corporation recognized by the IRS as a qualified 501(c)(3) entity.

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Membership in the National Audubon Society includes a subscription to Audubon magazine, membership in Audubon Florida and a subscription to its magazine, The Naturalist, as well as membership in an assigned local chapter, providing its own newsletter and offerings. Ridge Audubon’s assigned membership includes residents from Davenport to Frostproof and from Indian Lake Estates to U.S. 27.

Those wishing to become new members may obtain a membership application form at the Center. Checks are made payable to Audubon and are processed by Audubon. Only when the application includes the local chapter’s discrete “code” letters is a small stipend for new member dues is passed along to the local chapters, which are otherwise self-supporting. We ask new members to our chapter to use the applications provided at our center or to include our chapter code in their online applications in order for our chapter to benefit from our recruitment efforts.

Audubon handles invoices for renewal dues. All such dues inure to the benefit of the National Audubon Society with none going to the local chapter.

For this reason, many local chapters have established a “Chapter Only” membership. Such donations are retained by the chapter to help fund its operating costs and local projects. Ridge Audubon has now implemented this membership program with the following annual fees:
$10.00 – Individual
$20.00 – Family
This membership includes Ridge Naturalist newsletters, birding trips, potluck programs, and out reach education to the public. To begin your Chapter Membership, checks should be made payable to Ridge Audubon Society and can be mailed to P.O. Box 148, Babson Park, Fl 33827.

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Of course, we value the important work being done and the excellent informatoin provided by Audubon and Audubon Florida, so dual membership (national and chapter-only) would be the best of both worlds in our view. We are confident you will find it well worth your while to support Audubon in both ways and to be informed of national, state and local conservation concerns.
Any and all donations, whether monetary, in the form of volunteer hours, or by provision of supplies and materials are welcome and appreciated.

Other ways to support Ridge Audubon are through:

Planned giving and Employer Matching donor programs. Please consult your financial advisor or H.R. manager for information about these methods of support for Ridge Audubon and its continued service to the Lake Wales area in the area of raising awareness of our precious and imperiled native wildllife, trees and plants.