There are two short trails at the Ridge Audubon Center, and there are several longer trails in the area.  The flat, sandy main trail is about a quarter mile long, and it winds through both wooded and open, scrubby areas.  The walker can enjoy a variety of wildflowers, trees and shrubs while listening and looking for birds.  The Lake Trail, somewhat shorter, leads to the edge of the Webber International University campus and Crooked Lake. Osprey nests can usually be seen in the trees and atop the light poles at the campus athletic field.


There are several other much longer trails in the nearby area. Among them are the Crooked Lake Prairie and Crooked Lake Sandhill Preserve trails, as well as nearby Tiger Creek Preserve, all located within a couple of miles of the Center.  Crooked Lake Prairie consists of three connected trails which total 3.6 miles and can be walked all or in part.  Crooked Lake Sandhill trail is .8 mile. Tiger Creek Preserve has over 8 miles of trails in the preserve owned by the Nature Conservancy. Some brochures are available at the Center as well as at the trail heads.  Page down for more information.  Locations are as follows:

Crooked Lake Prairie, 985 Ohlinger Rd., Babson Park FL 33827

Crooked Lake Sandhill, 801 Hollister Rd., Babson Park FL 33827

Tiger Creek Preserve, 674 Pfundstein Rd., Babson Park, FL 33827




At right, the Ridge Audubon Trail winds through live oaks hung with Spanish Moss.






A Great Blue Heron glides over Crooked Lake, seen from the Crooked Lake Prairie Trail.  More information.

Two trails can be accessed: the short (.4 mile) Lake View Trail, ending at a boardwalk along Crooked Lake; and the 1.6 mile Scrub Trail loop through woods and scrub, with some views of the lake.



The trail through Crooked Lake Sandhill winds up and down through turkey oaks and scrub, and has a view of Crooked Lake. More information.

The short (.8 mile) trail through scrub and turkey oaks has elevation changes and a view of Crooked Lake.

More information on Tiger Creek Preserve can be found here.  There are five trails within the 4,869-acre preserve, ranging in distance from a half mile to a 7.2-mile loop.