P1030800The Lake Wales Ridge

Ridge Audubon is named for the Lake Wales Ridge, a geological feature which runs down through Central Florida for about 150 miles.  It is made up of sandy hills which, a million years ago, were islands surrounded by the sea.  The ridge runs from Lake County on the north end, through Orange, Osceola and Polk counties, and ends in Highland County in the south.  It is named for the city of Lake Wales, which is fairly central, in Polk County; Lake Wales is about six miles north of the Ridge Audubon Center. Unlike much of Florida, the Lake Wales Ridge features hills, some several hundred feet high.

The Lake Wales Ridge, much of which has been turned into citrus groves and developments, was mostly scrub habitat, housing a great many species of birds, flora, and other wildlife, including several dozen endangered or threatened plants and animals.

Here are a few links with more information.  If you are interested, take a minute to search further online; you will find places to visit, driving routes, ecological information and a good deal more about the Ridge.